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    It’s been estimated that 50% of Britain’s million strong black population regularly attend church and that on any given Sunday, 50% of London’s church goers are from the BME community.

    Whilst it is a well-known fact that the black community love attending church, it does not make sense to dismiss them as that ‘hand clapping lot as, believe it or not, black Christians do have a life outside of attending church and participate in a wide range of activities including shopping, going on holiday, travelling, sports, studying, charity work, DIY, attending various events – the list could go on. And they buy goods and services just like everyone else.

    It makes sense then, for any business, organisation or charity that plans to promote their products and services to Britain’s African and Caribbean community or raise awareness of an issue to factor in reaching the black church community.

    In my years of attending church I have found black Christians to be amongst the most stable, educated, prosperous and aspirational sector of the African and African Caribbean in Britain.

    Most black congregations, particularly the larger ones are likely to be filled with people committed to serving God and society, as well as committed to developing themselves – spiritually, socially, educationally and professionally.

    In my experience the black church community are particularly receptive to campaigns and initiatives that seek to:-

     improve the social conditions of vulnerable communities in the UK and abroad,

     increase educational and professional opportunities,

     provide opportunities for social advancement,

     raise awareness of key health issues affecting black communities

     encourage and support entrepreneurship

     build community cohesion and encourage community engagement

     foster greater understanding between the church and social/government institutions

     combat injustice

    Contrary to public opinion, the black Christian community is not hard to reach. It is a receptive community, that is very open to organisations that seek to be in a mutually beneficial with them.

    So the next time you’re marketing department is planning a campaign to reach the BME community, don’t forget to include a budget to reach the church.



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